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Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

With such a need for function and utility, sometimes it can be difficult to style your kitchen the way it deserves. Our friends at CertaPro Painters offer these kitchen do’s and don’ts for creating your perfect look.

Kitchen Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t: Worry if your kitchen walls are mostly covered by cabinetry. Cabinets can be as beautiful as they are functional. If you’re not happy with the look of your cabinets, consider refacing them, or adding a coat of paint.

Do: Remember the “fifth wall” – your ceiling! You can keep your walls a light neutral while adding a punch of color to the ceiling. This is a great way to help define the kitchen as a special environment, especially in an open floor plan home. Consider the color carefully, as light bouncing against the ceiling will add a subtle hue to everything in the room much like a colored light bulb.

Don’t: Pick colors that will cast unflattering hues on your food or family. In the  relatively tight confines of a kitchen, ambient colors can negatively influence how we see what we’re eating.

certapro0067x - webDo: Go with warm tones. The easiest colors to use successfully in a kitchen (because they easily pair with most traditional cabinetry) are warmer tones like creams and browns. That doesn’t mean you have to avoid colors, though. Have your heart set on a blue or green kitchen? Opt for very dark, very light, or very de-saturated hue for the best effect.

Don’t: Think that white kitchens are boring. White can create a very clean look in an otherwise traditionally busy room. White can also brighten up a gloomy room.

Do: Consider making your kitchen crisp, white, and clean. But be sure to use the right white paint. You’ll want to choose the white that looks best with your natural (and artificial) lighting schemes.

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