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Kitchen Organization Tips from NEAT Method

These kitchen organization tips from NEAT Method are sure to get – and keep – your kitchen a mess-free zone.

1) Determine the best real estate in your kitchen. Which cabinets/shelves drawers that are the easiest to access? Those should hold your “go to” supplies. We start with where the dishwasher is located and go from there.

2) Categorize everything! Pull everything out of your cabinets, drawers and pantry and sort items into piles. Once all like items are grouped together, start to determine where they should go.

3)While everything is displayed, take this opportunity to purge any excess or expired items.

4) Contain the categories. Drawer inserts and dividers are excellent ways to keep your cooking utensils categorized and in place, while dividing down your larger category into more specific locations.

5) Bin it to win it! Get bins and baskets for each type of pantry item you have (pasta, breakfast, snacks, etc.) This will keep everything tidy and easy to locate.

6) Label everything for easy follow through.

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