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Lawn Care After The Rain

Lawn Care After The Rain

During the drought, many San Diegans replaced their lawns with drought resistant plants or hardscape.  But, for those who still have grass in their yard, it requires some special lawn care after the rain. After the recent rains, lawns are probably showing signs of growth. That means it is time to start a lawn care routine.

Feed or fertilize regularly for a healthy lawn. Start feeding your lawn now and continue through the summer and into early fall. The grass will have more roots to help find and keep water, and will have less disease problems and fewer weeds.  And a healthy lawn is in better shape to fend off heat and drought.

Feeding Your Lawn

Ace Hardware Green Turf Fertilizer can be used on all grass varieties. It has slow-release technology, which provides extended feeding for up to 8 weeks so that you only have to feed three times during the season. And Ace Green Turf Fertilizer is a no-phosphate3 formulation to help protect our waterways.

Lawns With Weeds

If you already see weeds, you want to use the Ace Green Turf Weed & Feed. With such a long drought, there are lots of dormant seeds in the ground including potentially up to 250 different varieties of weeds. Apply the Weed & Feed when the weeds are actively growing.  The slow-release feed technology is the same as with the Ace Green Turf Fertilizer, so you should need only a couple additional treatments during the growing season.  If your weed problem is addressed by the first treatment, switch to Ace Green Turf Fertilizer for the rest of the season.

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