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LED Holiday Lights

LED Holiday Lights

For many families, the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is the signal to start decorating for Christmas.  It all starts with pulling out the storage totes of tangled lights and tree decorations. If you haven’t made the switch to LED holiday lights, this season is the time to do it. Prices have come down and the quality has improved!

Why You Need LED Holiday Lights

LED light strands are energy efficient, safe and long lasting. They consume 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. This low energy consumption reduces your energy costs during the holidays. Because they use less power, it is safer to connect multiple strings of LED holiday lights end-to-end without overloading the wall socket.

LED holiday lights are cooler in temperature than incandescent light strings, reducing the risk of fire and personal injury. Each light has no moving parts, filaments or glass so they are much more durable and shock resistant than other light strings. The LED bulbs are constructed of a hard plastic, which makes lights safer to use since you don’t risk potential broken glass.

Celebrations Platinum LED Lights

This year Ace Hardware introduced the Celebrations Platinum line of LED string lights, which come with a 10-year guarantee. They can be used indoor or outdoor because of their weather resistant, sealed sockets. And with their low energy usage and high quality of materials you can connect up to 36 sets on one outlet.  No more Griswold power outages during your holiday celebration!

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