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Plug Into Leviton: AFCI Outlets (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters)


An arc-fault can occur when the electric current unintentionally arcs outside of the conductor without proper insulation. The in-insulated temperatures can exceed 10,000 degrees and ignite surrounding material in your home.

AFCI outlets

The electrical system of a home is complex and filled with branch circuits that allow us to control lights and plug in appliances. An AFCI outlet is an important addition to a home’s electrical system because it is designed to recognize many types of potentially dangerous arc-faults and respond by interrupting power to help prevent arc-faults that my lead to a fire. AFCIs reduce the chances of the electrical system becoming an ignition source of a fire.

AFCI outlets may be used on any wiring system as specified by the National Electrical Code® and are easy to install in both new construction and retrofit applications. Learn more about ACFI outlets from Leviton.

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