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Leviton USB Wall Outlets

With all the mobile devices that we now have in our homes, often times finding a spot to plug in and charge can be a challenge.

USB Wall Outlets

The Leviton line of USB wall outlets offers a solution by allowing you to turn your current 2-plug outlets into a multi-featured receptacle with 2 or 4 USB charging ports.
The Leviton USB wall outlets feature a smart chip that recognizes and optimizes the charging power of your electronic devices for fast and efficient charging. The compact design of the Leviton products makes it easy to replace existing outlets in a standard wall box.

Mix & Match Outlets

There is a single outlet version that allows you to charge two USB-powered devices simultaneously and leaving an outlet free for regular plug-in devices. There is also the duplex outlet which can charge two USB-powered devices and leaving two tamper-proof outlets free for other uses. And for those mobile device-heavy families there is a four port USB charging option, which replaces both standard outlets with the ability to charge up to four high-powered electronic devices.

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