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Mastercraft Demos a Digital Movie Server

Take home entertainment to the next level with Mastercraft and a Kaleidescape Alto Digital Movie Server. This digital movie server is a film buff’s best friend, with easy navigation among storage space for hundreds of titles, as demonstrated by Wes Wilmers. Kaleidescape Alto digital movie servers can hold 100 bluray quality or 600 DVD quality movies, and offers access to an online store with more than 10,000 titles. Mastercraft Home Entertainment is the leader in fully integrated home entertainment systems. From design to set up to technical assistance, the experts at Mastercraft are on your side.

For a limited time, get a Kaleidascape Alto Digital Movie Server ($2495 value) for 50% off with purchase of 60″ TV, 5.1 or better surround system, and remote control package, or get it free with any premium system purchase over $25,000.  With this offer, also get $200 of online store credit and 10 movie credits. Call  619-500-9461 today for your complimentary consultation.

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