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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s just two weeks until Mother’s Day, do you need some Mother’s Day gift ideas? When shopping for your Mother’s Day gifts, consider your local Ace Hardware. Hardware stores are great one-stop shops for gifts, especially for crafty moms.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Tools. As more women become involved in doing projects around the home, either as a hobby or out of necessity, they want their own tools. Pick out some compact tools that have been built for smaller hands. Also look for tools that offer versatility and convenience to get the most bang for your buck.

Gardening supplies or decorations. If mom has a green thumb, she’ll love a deluxe tool set that includes a trowel, transplanter and cultivator. Choose aluminum tools that will not rust. If she already has the basic tool set, add to her collection with a pruning lopper, which will help her tend to her shrubs. A lopper from Fiskars is lightweight but has the power it takes to cut through even the thickest of branches. To complement the lopper, add the Fskars pruning stick. This gadget provides a reach of five feet above mom’s head to make pruning trees and shrubs a snap.

Heat gun. Refinishing furniture is one of the hottest areas in home improvement, and up-cycling old furniture is a great way to express creativity and save money. To make the task easier and more enjoyable, give mom a high-quality heat gun. Ace offers a dual-temperature heat gun that can help mom make her old furniture look new again.

Radio flyer red wagon. Not only will mom smile from nostalgia at this classic red wagon, but it will make moving supplies easy. Each wagon can hold up to 300 pounds.

These are just a few suggestions to help you spoil mom on may 10. For more ideas and assistance, head to your local Ace Hardware.

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