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New LED Light Bulb Technology

New LED Light Bulb Technology

There’s new LED light bulb technology on the market to learn about, which makes it a great time to upgrade the bulbs in your home. The new FEIT LED Intellibulbs offer solutions to the most common requests from homeowners.

ColorChoice Bulb

With this new technology you can select soft white, cool white or daylight coloring all from the same bulb.  A small switch on the side of the bulb gives you the ability to change the mood in the room without changing bulbs or using different light fixtures.  You can set it to any one of the colors or set it to be controlled by your light switch on the wall.

Switch To Dim Bulb

The second new Intellibulb is the Switch to Dim bulb.  This bulb can be dimmed with just a regular light switch so you don’t have to install a dimmer switch.  It has three brightness settings, 10%, 50% and 100%.

Dusk To Dawn Bulb

The Dusk to Dawn bulb has a light sensor built into the bulb so it turns a standard light fixture into a security light, on at night and off during the day.

Motion Activated Bulb

This bulb turns on when it senses motion up to 19 feet away and turns off after 10 motion free minutes.  It has two settings, one for on only at night and the other for one night or day. The best part about Intellibulbs is that all you need is the bulb: no app, no smart home hub.  All of these Intellibulb options are available at your local Ace Hardware.