Restoring Memories with Paint »

SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS When you have a historic home, the last thing you want to do is alter the history of it. 360 Painting understands the importance of preserving a home and works to restore the memories with paint. Learn how they work to bring your home a new life, while maintaining the past. 

Learn How to Protect Your Turf From Burning »

SATURDAY, JULY 6, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Turf is a great alternative to grass, but did you know it can burn? Light refracting off your windows onto your turf can damage not only the turf but also your other landscape. Superior Window Solutions has the solution to help you protect your turf today.

How High Efficiency HVAC Can Help The Environment »

SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS A high efficiency HVAC unit doesn’t just benefit your home, it also benefits the environment. Excel Air has lead the push towards high efficiency HVAC unit for years now. Discover why Excel Air is passionate about this project.

Utilizing Design Elements in Your Home »

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Design elements such as unique stone or tile can help personalize your home. Thompson Building Materials is home to a variety of beautiful design elements that you can use throughout your home.

Discover the History of La Mesa Lumber »

SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS La Mesa Lumber has been around for over 100 hundreds years and has continued to grow with the development of San Diego. What was once a small lumberyard, today is a booming hardware and lumber store. Discover their history and the values that have kept them going.

Why Our Pros Are Experts »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Ever wonder how we find our amazing pros and why they are experts? Co-founder, Sean Johnson, sits down to discuss how Approved Home Pros operates. Learn all about our amazing pros and why they come so highly regarded.

Building a Better Design Center »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Meet the architect behind Thompson Building Material's beautiful design center and General Manager's, Derek Pritchett's newly built home. Todd Brazzon of Brazzon design Studio discusses the inspiration behind the design center and how that played into Derek's home.

What a Roof Inspection Can Provide You »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Often times, homeowners don't get their roof inspected until it's too late. A roof inspection can not only provide you a peace of mind, it can also find small problems that are easy to fix before they become a big problem.

A Quick Tip to Maintain Your Hot Water Heater »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Your water heater needs to be maintained because the water is so hard here i San Diego. We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air can assist by doing a professional flush to protect your water heater.

Get Your AC Ready for Summer Now »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS It's important to make sure your AC is ready for summer so that you can avoid any potential problems. Have We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air come out to your home for an AC inspection. Also, there's a great tune-up offer now!

Three Tips for a Clean Pool »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Summer is finally here! Is your pool clean? Payan Pool Service is here to help you get the best use out of your pool this summer. Find out three quick tips to get a clean pool.