Water Conservation 101 with Black Mountain Plumbing »

<<< FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Black Mountain Plumbing walks us through water conservation 101 by ranking the biggest plumbing related water wasters in your home. Learn where you're wasting water and what you can do to conserve at home.

Remodeling & Consumer Protection with HERO »

<<< SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Letting a contractor into your home can be a scary undertaking. When your finance your energy efficient or water conscious improvements with the HERO Program, consumer protection is build in. Matt Messina explains how HERO protects consumers and the rigorous process contractors go through to be HERO registered.

The Lowdown on Locks

The Lowdown on Locks »

When you lock up your home, it’s important to feel like it’s secure. Today we’re covering the basics of locks by answering some of your questions.

Cantor’s Corner: Household Water Wasters

Cantor’s Corner: Household Water Wasters »

Your home is full of water wasters. Most repairs are only a few hundred dollars if completed before there is a major failure. Left alone, you could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water and also risking thousands of dollars in damages caused by flooding.

Get Started with Woodworking with Help From Rockler »

<<< MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Rockler Woodworking & Hardware is a great resource for getting started with woodworking in San Diego. Mike Durlak joined us to discuss some entry level projects and great gift ideas for Father's Day, and to kick off the Rockler Project Spotlight Contest with an appearance from our last contest's winning project.

Father’s Day Gifts and Grilling Tips from Ace Hardware »

<<< FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Ace Hardware's home improvement expert Lou Manfredini joins us for a special episode celebrating dad just in time for Father's Day. Check out Lou's grilling tips and Father's Day gift ideas, including everything a mini-Weber grill to cooking accessories and more.

Mauzy Explains a Whole Home Approach to Energy Efficiency »

<<< SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar explains the whole home approach to energy efficiency, and how it can be affordable with help from HERO Program. With a whole home approach, everything works together from HVAC to solar to be as efficient as possible.

Energy Efficient Home Upgrade Financing with the HERO Prorgram »

<<< SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> On our first edition of The HERO Hour on The Approved Home Pro Show, we give you the HERO 101 for energy efficient home upgrade financing. Eric from the HERO Program explains how HERO financing works, what it covers and how you can get started.

Full Scale Building Inspiration from Thompson Building Materials »

<<< MONDAY, JUNE 8, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Thompson Building Materials walks us through the showroom, inside and out, to show the full scale of building inspiration available. See and feel materials in full-size installations for indoor and outdoor living.

Figure Our Your Financing Options with Freedom Mortgage »

<<< SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Getting started with the home buying process can be overwhelming. Freedom Mortgage helps us break down what comes first, the financing or the realtor, then walks us through financing options and how to figure out the best loan for your scenario.

CertaPro Painters Explains the Professional Painting Difference »

<<< SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Painting the inside of your home is not a weekend project. Learn the professional painting difference from CertaPro Painters, and save time and energy while getting a flawless paint job.