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How To Pick Paint Colors

How To Pick Paint Colors

Spring is just around the corner and for many people that means thinking about a paint makeover in your home. But without a background in design, it can be tough to know how to pick paint colors without being overwhelmed.

Get Inspired

Most designers tell us that the best way to start paint color selection is with an inspiration piece. This can be a piece of fabric or carpet or even an accent piece from the room that you love. Bring that to The Paint Studio at your local Ace Hardware and their paint experts can help you select a color or even do a computerized color match to the inspiration piece. If you don’t have a specific inspiration piece, use the tools available in The Paint Studio at Ace to more easily select colors. It will be much easier than looking at the daunting “Wall of Color.”

Use Color Palettes

To start with, each of the paint brands, Valspar, Clark+Kensington and Benjamin Moore, have smaller pre-determined color palettes, usually less than 100 colors that are all harmonious.  This means that no matter which colors you pick from that palette, they will look wonderful together.

Other available tools include color schemes selected by designers at the paint companies that use just 3 or 4 color options. You can tell your Ace Hardware paint associate that you like yellows or greens and they will have brochures that give you options in those color themes. Or maybe you can better express what you want using descriptions like “calm,” “majestic” or “playful.”  Brochures offer color suggestions for that as well.

Color Wheels

The Color Wheel is also a good tool and can give you some general direction.  For example, if you want complimentary colors, you can look at the colors on opposite sides of the wheel and they will be complimentary.   Or you might want monochromatic colors which are variations of one color and can be shown on the Color Wheel.

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