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Pool Safety Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children under the age of four. Payan Pool Service shares safety tips that will help you avoid tragedy and let your family have a safe and fun summer. 

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– Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages one to four. This summer, avoid tragedy and keep your family safe. Javier Payan from Payan Pool Service is here to share some safety tips. This is so important, Javier.

– Yeah, hi Jordan. Yeah, living in southern California, swimming pools are a large part of the California culture. And people have built some beautiful pools in their backyards and they’re really fun and a good place to have some memories built.

– Absolutely.

– With your family. Now one thing you gotta keep in mind is that often times drownings occur during gatherings or pool parties. And there’s this understanding that people think that somebody else is watching their kids or even there could be some adults that don’t know how to swim. So it’s really important that when you have a pool party or some type of gathering, that you assign a responsible adult to be a water watcher to watch and supervise the pool.

– A water watcher, such a catchy little name that will be easy for somebody to take responsibility.

– Yeah definitely. And that’s not a small child or the sister, little brother, it’s somebody that’s responsible that can intervene in case somebody is drowning. Because, drownings happen real fast and there’s no warning.

– They do, there’s no warnings and you feel safe at home which you’re supposed to feel safe at home. But that’s actually where most of these incidents happen.

– Yeah definitely and a really easy way to think about it is like the A B C system. A is for Adult Supervision, B for Barriers. You gotta make sure your gates lock and self-latch and self-close so they’re not left open. And C is for Classes and CPR. It’s important to teach your kids to swim at an early age so that they can have a chance if they’re really young to avoid a drowning.

– So we talked about the water watcher, that would be adult supervision. What is it we need to know about barriers?

– So with barriers, you want to make sure that your pool and your property is protected with a fence at least 48 inches tall and that the latches self-latches themselves close, so that when you open a gate, it doesn’t remain left open, it will self-latch itself closed, very important.

– And what do you recommend for if someone wants to find more information about these classes or where to learn about barriers or even some more water watching.

– Go to our website at payanpools.com. We have a safety page and we’ll be putting a lot of information on our Facebook page as well, too.

– Thank you so much. Always have a water watcher and follow basic pool safety to have a fun and safe summer. For all your pool maintenance and equipment needs, call Payan today.