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Prime Before You Paint

Prime Before You Paint

All quality paints are now considered “paint and primer in one.” Even so, there are still times when you should prime before you paint, even when using good quality paints.  The “paint and primer in one” rage that hit the market a few years ago has created confusion for the customer, as they think they no longer need to use a primer. However there are many painting projects where a primer definitely should be used.  

Prime before you paint when:

You are painting fresh or repaired drywall. If you don’t prime before you paint, the paint will just be sucked into the gypsum board or the spackling compound, requiring multiple paint coats to be applied. 

The surface is raw or stained wood. Without a good primer, the tannins in the wood will bleed through the paint over time. Also, paint doesn’t adhere very well to wood stain that hasn’t been primed. 

There are stains from water damage or if smoke odor has seeped into the walls.

There has been mold or mildew on the painted surface, even if it has been cleaned.  In this scenario, be sure to use a mold-resistant primer.

Painting over a glossy sheen, especially if you do not plan to sand off the gloss first. 

There are many different types of primers available to meet these needs.  The paint expert in the Paint Studio at your local Ace Hardware can offer the best advice.