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Priming and Painting

Most quality paints are now offered as “Paint and Primer in One.”  Even so, there are still times when you should use a primer before you paint, even when using top-quality paints.

Priming and Painting

Use a primer in these scenarios:

o  You’re painting fresh or repaired drywall

o  When the surface is raw or stained wood

o  When there are stains from water damage

o  When smoke odor has seeped into the walls and needs to be blocked

o  When there has been mold or mildew on the painted surface, even if it has been cleaned

o  When painting over a glossy sheen

Primer on Sale at Ace Hardware

painting and priming: when do you need a primer?There are many different types of primers available to meet the needs of the above scenarios.  Your local Ace Hardware can offer advice on which to select. And, currently at Ace Hardware, one of the best primers, Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 sealer and stain killer, is on sale for $16.99. Ace Rewards members can also save an additional $4.

Paint on Sale at Ace Hardware

Also on sale through Monday, May 30, at Ace Hardware is Clark+Kensington  paint .Buy two gallons and get the third gallon for free. Painting applicators and accessories are on sale this weekend as well.


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