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Purchasing Paint Samples

Purchasing Paint Samples

Purchase paint samples of your prospective colors before committing, because unless you light your home with industrial-strength florescent bulbs, the color you select is going to look much different at home than it does in the store.


And light bulbs are just the tip of the iceberg.  You need to see how your color will look in the natural light, and consider how its appearance will change throughout the day. The natural light at breakfast and the light at dinner are literally as different as night and day.

You’ll want to make sure you love your color at all times, but especially during the hours when you’ll be in that room the most. You can’t just tape a color paint chip to the wall to see the full effect.  You need to paint at least a 2’ x 2’ area, and sample pints are the perfect way to do this.

Blending with your decor

Also, you must consider how your new color will interact with the designs and hues that will be in the room. Think about your furniture and accent pieces. Some colors look completely different when they’re put next to others. Also, if you are transitioning from one bold color to another, you need to see the effect. Certain color and design combinations go so far as totrick our brains into seeing something that isn’t there.

Choosing sheen

Finally, don’t forget that sheens will also impact how a color will look on the wall. The general rule is the higher the sheen, the darker and more intense the color will be.

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