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Red Flags of Door to Door Sales

Gregg CantorPresented by Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

by Gregg Cantor Resident Pro, The Approved Home Pro Show  President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel  

Today I want to talk with you about home improvement companies that sell door to door. This isn’t always a negative, but there are some red flags to look out for.

The “Deal”

The salesperson may start with a high price and give you special discounts, or say your neighbor is going to take it if you don’t or it’s a 1-time offer. These tactics are meant to frighten you into signing immediately by instilling the fear that you will miss out if you don’t act fast.

Early Payment

Asking for payment up front, or large down payments. Legally, down payments can’t exceed $1,000 or 10% whichever is less. Any reputable company will not request a large payment up front.

No Escape

They may tell you there is no way out of the contract if you have already signed it. Legally, you always have the right to cancel a contract within 3 business days.

No Advocates

If you do not feel comfortable making a home improvement decision on your own, make sure you have a family member or friend present to help you with the decision. If a door-to-door salesperson won’t set up an appointment that works with their schedule, be wary. Many door-to-door scammers target the elderly. My advice is to be cautious about door to door sales people and don’t feel pressure to sign anything before being fully confident in the company.