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Repainting the Interior of Your Home: Part 1

One of the most important steps when repainting the interior of your home is the preparation. This can be a bit more than just taping off the area, but to get the best results, consider the following prep steps before you get near the paint.

Repair the Walls

Did you used to have pictures hanging that won’t be going back up? Use spackle to fill in any holes your walls may have. Having the right supplies is key: Use spackle with a puddy knife to repair the wall, then use sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots. You may also need to recaulk the windowsills,  which can be don’t simply with a caulking gun and tubes of caulk.

Clean the Walls

Quite possibly the most overlooked or forgotten step, but possibly the most important. If you don’t clean the walls with TSP or another heavy duty cleaner, you’re just layering that dirt and dust into your next coat of paint.

Prep to Paint

Once you’re walls are in tip-top shape, you’re finally ready to reach for the painting supplies. Start by carefully taping off the area to be painted and lay drop cloths to protect your floor and any nearby furniture or household items.

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