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Restore a Gift For Mom This Mother’s Day

Restore a Gift For Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this weekend and it’s very popular right now as a do-it-yourself project to refinish an old or worn piece of furniture or decorative item.  Generally, it’s a time-consuming, messy task to prep the furniture for new paint, but this Ace Hardware Project of The Week makes it easy to restore a gift for mom this Mother’s Day. 

One Step Paint

Amy Howard at Home One Step Paint is the solution. It eliminates all the prep work. Now, you can transform furniture, cabinetry or decorative items in just one step. With Amy Howard One Step Paint, there’s no stripping, no sanding, and no priming. Just clean the furniture with a good degreaser, then paint. Amy Howard One Step is a water-based paint that adheres to most any surface including wood, metal, glass, even fabric. It dries to a flat, chalky finish which can be enhanced with various Amy Howard products including clear, light and dark waxes, dusting powder or a solution to create a cracked patina look. It’s available in 52 exclusive Amy Howard colors or the helpful expert in the Paint Studio at your local Ace Hardware store can match any paint sample.

Furniture Lacquer

Amy Howard Furniture Lacquer is a spray-on paint that gives the thick, rich, high-gloss finish of actual lacquer.  Just like Amy Howard One Step, it can be used on furniture, frames and home décor items, and comes in 20 trendy colors.