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See What Excel Air Can Offer You

Alex from Excel Air joins Sean at his home to do a AC tune up and to discuss how Excel Air goes above and beyond. See the amazing customer service, attention to detail and the great package that Excel Air can offer you.

Details on ‘See What Excel Air Can Offer You’

[Sean] We’re at my home today and I asked Excel Air to come out ’cause I need an AC tune-up, but mainly because I wanted Alex to talk to us today about Excel Air and some of the things that really set you guys apart. First of all, Alex, you came from the former Soviet Union, you and your wife.

[Alex] Yes.

[Sean] Did that help create the way Excel Air runs and what you’re all about?

[Alex] Absolutely. Thank you, Sean for inviting us first. It’s a privilege and opportunity to service our customers at higher level to excel.

[Sean] To excel in everything you do.

[Alex] Absolutely.

[Sean] And I’ve seen that at first hand. Now when you come into the home, as you’ve done with my home you don’t just start to work, you spend some time talking to people. Why is that?

[Alex] Well, I believe, Sean, that every person is different. Every person have a different habit, different family traditions.

[Sean] Different lifestyle.

[Alex] Lifestyle. Everything is different. What’s good to you may be different for your neighbor. And that’s why we’re asking people questions, general questions and more detailed questions. ‘Cause I understand that heating doesn’t work, air conditioning doesn’t work, but it’s a little things that we are have to notice. And that people sometimes not looking for the major thing, but for little things.

[Sean] It’s the little things that make huge, huge difference. Some of things in common that you find with people what are some major elements that you find you really focus on?

[Alex] Well, the major element is the energy efficiency the people concern about higher prices on energy. That’s the main concern. And other things is efficiency. Efficiency and comfort. Comfort, that’s one of the things that people’s lacking right now.

[Sean] They want to be comfortable.  You want to be hot or cold. Also, little things like the sound of the equipment or something I’ve never really thought much about but you bring that up.

[Alex] Sound of equipment, sound that’s coming from the registers. It could be little things like rattling noise.

[Sean] Those little things make a huge difference.

[Alex] Absolutely.

[Sean] Now you’re here today doing an inspection. How many different point should be earned in an inspection?

[Alex] The points in the inspection is 56 points. And it’s all thorough. We are going to do everything

in your house today.

[Sean] So, we’re going to make sure today, when you leave, our air conditioning is going to be working perfectly. And that’s going to be tuned up, and that’s what you do for everybody. So if you want your air condition to work perfectly, and have a great experience that excels, get a hold of Excel Air. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com