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Smart Home Products

Everyone’s talking about the power of the internet and “smart homes,” and some of it is very confusing, but there are a few smart home products that are easy to install and provide immediate convenience. Some even save you money.

Smart Sense Deadbolt

The first is the Schlage Smart Sense Deadbolt. This deadbolt lock includes a keypad for entry instead of a key, plus it integrates with Apple Home Kit technology and Siri voice control.  You can assign unique keypad combinations to family members or contractors and have the ability to limit access times and create an audit trail.

NEST Thermostat

ace-nest-thermostatThe NEST Thermostat is one of the great innovations in heating and air conditioning control. You set the temperature and it learns what you like at different times of day and it creates a schedule for you. It’s also controllable remotely with your smart phone or tablet and provides you with a history of your energy usage, which can be helpful for determining your habits and seeing where you might be able to save.

NEST Protect

The NEST Protect is the next generation of smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It has advanced detection intelligence so that it can identify steam vs smoke and a slow burning vs. fast burning fire.  It also uses your phone to alert you of a problem when you are away. All of these products as well as other smart home products are available at your neighborhood Ace Hardware store.

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