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Staying Organized for Projects

Staying Organized for Projects

Everyone’s been there…you get ready to start a household maintenance project and you can’t find your tools, can’t find the repair products you already have, and can’t find the right washers and nuts you know you have.

Today’s a good day to get started organizing.  Two great ways to organize are using totes and canning jars.

Totes & Jars

Your local Ace Hardware store has clear storage totes ranging in size from shoe box to 18 gallon.

A great way to keep your small parts, nuts and bolts organized is to use canning jars.  In the old days we used baby food jars, but now they’ve been replaced with canning jars available at Ace Hardware in various sizes and even colors.


Don’t forget to pick up some white duct tape and a wide Sharpie to mark your totes once you have your tools and repair parts separated.

Get organized today with help from your neighbors at Ace Hardware

, it will make your repair project tomorrow much easier.


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