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Stop Having To Rinse Your Dishes! Introducing The Cove Dishwasher

When it comes to the kitchen, you want appliances you can trust. Expressions Home Gallery and Sub-Zero introduce us to the Cove line of dishwashers. Their sleek design blends seamlessly in your kitchen and you no longer have to rinse your dishes thanks to their innovative technology! 

Details About “Introducing Cove Dishwasher”

– When it comes to the kitchen, you wanna have appliances you can trust. You know the trusted names,like Sub-Zero and Wolf. And now Carrie Plennes from Sub-Zero is here to introduce us to the new line of Cove dishwashers. And thanks for being here.

– Yes, thanks for having me.

– Of course. So Cove dishwashers, what are they all about?

– So we are the only dishwasher with Sub-Zero and Wolf in it’s DNA. So we are very excited to release this product. The Cove dishwasher has a five year warranty and if we use factory certified installation, you also get an additional year warranty. So six years bumper to bumper.

– Oh my gosh. Okay, so that’s a great thing. We’re gonna get more deep into Cove, what it’s about but first Sub-Zero. Now this is a name we’ve heard about for so long but I didn’t realize how long it’s been around.

– Yes so Sub-Zero started in 1945 by Westye F Bakke. So third generation own company and he actually only had an eighth grade education.And he taught himself mechanical engineering and refrigeration. And he built his first unit and his son was diabetic so that unit could maintain zero degrees temperatures.

– Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. So let’s get back into Cove dishwashers. And really the seamless design that you see in kitchens now. It’s kind of a new trend and it’s been around but this is a big part of it. So tell us more about Cove.

– Yes, so Cove one seamlessly in your kitchen, you can a flush insert installation and you can have a nice beautiful cabinet, placed on the front. Or you can opt for a stainless steel.

– Oh my gosh, so you’d mentioned the warranty too. Now this was really interesting to me, about the no, you don’t have to rinse the dishes?

– No rinsing, we just recommend that you (mumbles) off the food off your plates and you are good to go.

– Oh my gosh, that’s what all the guys do anyway, right? So they’re gonna love this.

– Oh yes, even children too.

– All of these brands are found at Expressions Home Gallery, right?

– Yes at 7550 Miramar Road, East of the pyramid.

– Okay. And then one more too because you have a special offer right now.

– Yes we have a barbecue rebate offer that ends July 31st, it’s up to $1750, on all our barbecues and outdoor products.

– Okay, so don’t forget that, Expressions Home Gallery. Thank you so much.

– Thank you.

-Wolf, Sub-zero and Cove all work together to help you create the functional kitchen of your dreams. Visit Expression Home Gallery today.