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Style Trends In Living Room Furniture

Are you ready to refresh your furniture? Mor Furniture For Less shares what living room furniture is in style right now and the variety of options you have when decorating your home. They explain how customers can shop with confidence thanks to their guarantee. 

Details On “Style Trends In Living Room Furniture”

Lynda: Are you ready to refresh your furniture? Today I’m talking all about style trends for the living room with Josh Tomlinson from Mor Furniture for Less. Hey, thanks for being here.

Josh: Thanks for having me.

Lynda: You know, there’s so many styles and reasons and comfort and all this stuff, what is hot right now?

Josh: Well, there’s a lot. So color-wise, I think you’ll see some of the lighter colors are coming back, which is great. Some of the gray washes and different tones. For the living room, there are some amazing technology that’s out. Power recliners, power head-rest, power lumbar, power everything, charging stations.

Lynda: You’ll never get up!

Josh: There’s a lot going on there. But trend-wise I think for dining, for example, less so on the formal dining applications, a little more casual, but there’s so much. It’s great, just go online and check it out and you’ll see for yourself, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

Lynda: Okay, so in the days of our parents, we always remembered everything matching. You know, you had the drapes and the pillows and all of it was matching. Is that still is or is that out?

Josh:  It can be, if you want, it’s there. Most of the collections will be what’s called Lifestyle. So they’ll carry a bedroom, a living room, occasional tables and dining all in that same color. So if you want your whole house to match you could certainly do that. If not, it’s okay, you can break it up and there’s no rules, it’s a free for all, so you’re good.

Lynda: Okay, no rules, except when you’re doing measurements, right? 

Josh: Yeah.

Lynda: Have you had people come in and say I want this, and they don’t know bring the measuring tape and.

Josh: Well, I think it’s hard. So when you go into a large showroom and you’re looking at all this open space, everything looks very small. And you can get carried away. You got big eyes and you’re ready to eat, right? So I do, that’s probably one of the most important facets of shopping for furniture is measurements, and making sure that you know your space. So that when you go to a showroom and look for certain pieces you know exactly where it’s going to fit, you can visualize, you’re gonna be able to save yourself some time doing that, so.

Lynda: Okay, and really quickly, how, in general do customers shop with confidence?

Josh: Well I think the best thing is, we have guarantees, we have a double back the difference guarantee, which is great, what that means is we’re gonna double back any difference of product that you find lesser at a competitor. But most importantly, we know
that we can’t be everywhere at once and we appreciate a customer going out and shopping and doing their due diligence and letting us know so that we can help every customer moving forward.

Lynda: All right, thank you so much. At Mor Furniture for Less you can always shop with confidence and know that you’re getting the style you want at the best quality and the best price.