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Taking The Confusion Out of Solar

The overwhelming majority of home owners in San Diego could be saving considerable money by installing solar panels on their home, but they aren’t. Even with the constant rate increases from the power company that make looking at your bill more and more painful, most people will still choose to buy expensive power from the utility company. SunPower by Milholland explains why many people feel confused about going solar. 

Details About “Taking The Confusion Out of Solar”

Sean: The overwhelming majority of homeowners in San Diego could be saving considerable money by going solar but they aren’t. Even with the recent rate increases that make it even more painful, most people will still choose to buy expensive power from the utility company. Why? That’s why Brian Millholland from SunPower by Millholland is with us today. And people are not choosing to go solar when they really should be. I think one of the big reasons is people are confused by all the advertising that’s out there.

Brian: Oh, absolutely. It’s very competitive in San Diego for companies that are trying to solicit solar customers.

Sean: And a lot of these messages that people send out, they’re focusing on different areas and I think people get confused by that and I don’t think people also understand the rate changes and really what people are paying today.

Brian: Yeah, and a lot of people, they just don’t understand like what can we do? Will solar really help? And I’m telling you, the solar does help. I have a contractor friend who a few years back, about eight years back I looked at solar for his home and he was paying about $50 a month and at that time I said no, solar’s probably not a good prospect for you. I talked to him this past weekend. His bill is now up to $200 a month and we’re gonna save him $60 a month by going solar.

Sean: So in eight years his bill went from $50 to $200. I think a lot of people have experienced that. Did his utility usage increase?

Brian: His usage did not increase, just the cost of electricity has gone up that much.

Sean: And that’s what people are facing and so most San Diegans today would save considerably by going, by going solar.

Brian: Absolutely. Every rate payer in San Diego can save money by going solar. It just varies by how much they’re gonna save by how much they use.

Sean: And when people are looking at solar, I think people a lot of times also don’t understand, they think there’s some catch, there’s some hidden thing in there because you’re saying that people can save money from month one with solar.

Brian: Yep, absolutely.

Sean: When solar is done the right way.

Brian: So yes, and we have loan programs that people can purchase solar with no money down. They don’t start making a payment on the loan until we reduce their electric bill. So they see a cost decrease in their electric bill before they need to pay for solar for the first month and that first month will have the savings.

Sean: So going back to your contractor friend, for example, that savings that he had, $60 a month was from month one all in net. All his payments for the system and everything?

Brian: Absolutely. When you add up what he’s still left to pay in electricity, because you still will have a meter fee that you need to pay, about $11 a month, and then you add in the cost for the loan for solar he is going to be saving $60 a month.

Sean: Now with people that are having this confusion, you’re available for them to go through if they’ve ever had solar quotes from other companies and you’ll go through whatever they have on the table and help them make sense out of it.

Brian: Absolutely and people are very smart. They want to have the best deal. They want to get the best materials. They want to use the best contractor. But sometimes they are their own worst enemy. They’ll get eight or 10 estimates on solar and it gets very confusing unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. And a lot of companies will do that. They try to confuse the consumer so that their quote looks better. At Millholland, our consultants will come out and help explain to you what you’re actually doing, you’re purchasing kilowatt hours. So we’ll help you break down your quotes into that and help you narrow the choices.

Sean: Well thank you so much, Brian. That’s what SunPower by Millholland is there to do is to help you figure out what’s right for your home and you can find them at ApproveHomePros.com like all of our pros.