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NU-VUE Donates Window Films to the Gaslamp Museum

The Gaslamp Museum at the historic Davis-Horton House, the oldest residence in San Diego, gets a window film donation from NU-VUE Window Films. NU-VUE wanted to give back to San Diego by providing window films that will help preserve artifacts from San Diego’s history.

Details About “NU-VUE Donates Window Films to the Gaslamp Museum “

– Hi I’m Jordan Fraser, and today I’m at the Davis-Horton House in Gaslamp Quarter because it’s the oldest residence, and it’s getting window films, thanks to NU-VUE Window Films. I’m here with Gregg McKay, the owner of NU-VUE Window Films, but you’re donating these films today, that’s so incredible.

– Yes, yes, we’re doing a little give-back to San Diego here, by donating some films, along with Eastman Performance Films, which supplied the films to us.

– Because this house is no longer really a house, it’s part of the Gaslamp Quarter Historical Foundation, and it’s run as a museum. So it, this has so many old artifacts from San Diego’s history, that we need to preserve.

– Yes, yeah, they called us because they were starting to see signs of damage to the interior, the old pieces in here,and so by protecting them, whereby installing a window film on there, we can protect that. They can open up the drapes, allow more natural light to come in. And stop 50% of the heatfrom coming in as well.

– That is just incredible, because it’s going to radically change the way that this museum functions. Before today, all the drapes were closed, it was very dark and dim inside. Very poignant for the time period it’s trying to represent.

– Sure.

– But hard to see all the artifacts and really enjoy everything that’s being preserved in here.

– Yes.

– So, you partnered with Eastman Performance Films to make this donation today.

– Yes, yes, and that’s something that we’re doing, to do a little give-back to San Diego, and we’re doing different museums around town here. And helping them preserve everything.

– We love that, thank you so much for donating back to the community. It’s an important part of Approved Home Pros mission, and I know as a local company, for NU-VUE’s mission as well.

– Yes.

– So the benefits that they’re going to see today, you said 50% of the heat is being reduced, and 99.9% of the UV rays.

– Yes, and that’s just one of our films that we have to offer.

– Exactly so, if you are at home are thinking that this sounds maybe like what’s happening in your house as well, there’s some fading on the floor, some family photographs, precious arts, NU-VUE Window Films can help you preserve these things in your own home as well, with an array of options.

– Yes, yes, so we have very light to very dark films so a little glare reduction, we can go with darker films.

– And how long does it take to install? This project’s being installed in about two hours, three hours?

– Yeah, about three hours we’ll have it done, yeah. So most houses can be done in one day.

– So take advantage of what NU-VUE Window Films can do for you, give them a call today at 619-663-3664 and get your free consultation to see how window films can benefit your home.