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The Importance of Quality Paint

No matter what method of application your painter chooses, the outcome will suffer if you don’t choose a premium quality paint. Kris Nielsen, owner and operator of Kris Nielsen Painting explains three tips when emphasizing the importance of quality paint. 1. Look at the ratio of the volume of the paint to the amount of solids. This will determine how thick the paint is and how well it will cover your home. 2. Look for the resin count. This will determine how well it bonds to the surface, which impacts the longevity of the paint job. 3. Look for titanium dioxide. This is the most important ingredient in paint, and it acts as a sunscreen for your paint job to help prevent fading and sun damage. When working with your painter, make sure the specific paint is called out in the contract, as brands of paint all offer low-end and high-end paints.

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