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The Lowdown on Locks

The Lowdown on Locks

When you lock up your home, it’s important to feel like it’s secure. Today we’re covering the basics of locks by answering some of your questions.

Will any lock fit my door?

Most locks come in two sizes: 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ backset. This is how far the center of the hole is away from the edge of the door. The customer needs to know this distance or purchase a lock that has an adjustable backset.

Can locks be rekeyed so that more than one uses the same key?

Locksmiths can re-key existing or new locks to the same key. However, they have to be the same brand and use the same key blank.

What is the difference between a single-cylinder and a double-cylinder deadbolt?

A single-cylinder deadbolt is key operated from the outside while a double cylinder is key operated on both sides. They both have their advantages.

I have miss-drilled the hole for my doorknob. Is there anything I can do to cover this mistake?

One option is to use a brass door reinforcer. This product will also increase the strength of your door.

Is there a product that makes installing a strikeplate easier?

Yes, there is an adjustable strikeplate.

Do I need a deadbolt?

These locks provide more security because the deadbolt latch is larger and protrudes farther into the doorframe. It can also be keyed on both sides for additional security.

Are there multiple door locks that require only one key?

Some locks come in pairs that use the same key.

There is a wide range of padlock prices. What is the advantage of the more expensive ones?

They are heavier, more durable and will provide greater security.

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