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The Proper Set of Tools For Home Maintenance

The Proper Set of Tools For Home Maintenance

By Paul Kearney

In the era of DIY, it’s possible to save hundreds of dollars by doing some maintenance around your household by yourself. Before your get started, it’s important to have the right set of tools for home maintenance, as the right tools can make or break a job.

Woodwork Tools

One of the most needed tools for home maintenance is something that helps you with woodwork. Miter Saw, is a power saw that helps you make precision cuts, crosscuts and angle cuts with ease.  A sliding Miter Saw helps cut wood of various widths and increases your cutting capacity. It also sits on a workbench and is always ready to be used, instantly. A sliding Miter Saw begins at $100 as its starting price.

Also pick up a Lithium-Ion screwdriver, instead of a Nickel-Cadmium battery one, because they are light weight, holds charge for up to 18 months when unused and supports faster charging. A screw set of 100 decks along with this driver fits quite well in a small package.

Nail Gunning Projects

A nail is almost an indispensable tool in itself. Aside from being useful for woodworking, a nail gun can be handy for the installation of panels, hanging frames and portraits on your wall, securing molding and trimming, and occasional furniture repairs. It really cuts a long time that you might have spent on the assembly line while gluing and clamping.

Reciprocating Saw & Oscillating Tool

One of the needs in daily maintenance activities is deconstructing the old work. A DeWalt Reciprocating Saw will chip away through metal, wall, wood, tubing and more with the right set of blades. You might need special blades depending on your particular project. It can also help you prune trees and remove grout.

This is possibly the jack-of-all-trades as it has a novel method of very small yet ultrafast vibrating pieces that can be stuck with interchangeable pieces for various tasks. You can do almost anything from cutting, chipping, scraping paint, removing grout, demolishing and breaking through walls, wood and the list goes on.

Overall, there are many other basic tools that must constitute your toolkit and along with a few of these above. With the right set of tools and knowledge, you can do a lot of jobs around the house.



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