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Tips for Container Gardening

Now that Spring is officially here, it’s a great time to start beautifying your garden. Container Gardening is a great way to add plants, flowers and herbs to your garden, especially for those that have either no yard, like apartment dwellers, or a very small yard.

Tips for Container Gardening

Select a pot. Most plants aren’t fussy about the type of pot they grow in. All they want is enough space to spread their roots and a few good drainage holes to allow excess water to drain out. Pots come in a variety of materials, such as terra-cotta, ceramic, wood, and plastic. All of them work equally well, although terra-cotta pots have a tendency to dry out faster than plastic or ceramic, so you’ll need to water them more often.

If you buy a new terra-cotta pot, soak it in a pail of water for a day or two to hydrate it before filling with soil. Some plastic pots might need drainage holes drilled in the bottom. Holes should be at least 1/2 inch wide because smaller holes might clog with soil and prevent the water from draining.

Choose the right soil.  You should fill your containers with a quality potting soil. Never use soil directly from your garden because, when dry, it will harden into a solid mass. A quality potting mix will include generous helpings of soil amendments like peat moss, compost, perlite, vermiculite, and/or rotted manure. Inexpensive potting soils are not always a bargain, so read the label before you buy. 

Your neighborhood Ace Hardware store carries Miracle-Gro Potting Mixes, the number 1 choice for home gardening.  One of the great features about Miracle-Gro is that they offer different potting mixes depending on what you are planting or transplanting.  

Pick healthy plants of see varieties. You can grow almost anything you want in a container, even trees and shrubs will thrive in a large enough pot! Most people prefer to grow succulents, flowers, vegetables, or herbs for their patio, porch, deck, or terrace. You can even enjoy an edible banquet by mixing a few of each type in the same pot.  Strawberries and lettuce, for example, taste as good as they look and make great companions for sun-loving annual and perennial flowers.