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Top Reasons Why You Haven’t Gone Solar Yet

If you haven’t gone solar yet, what are you waiting for? Solar expert Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland checks in to explain the realities of solar in 2018. The power company’s constant rate increases make installing solar your best option.

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– If you haven’t gone solar yet, what are you waiting for? Solar expert Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland is here to tell us about the realities of solar in 2018 and thanks for being here.

– Great, it’s nice to be here.

– It’s a bit sobering what’s going on here. So right now people who haven’t gone solar generally fall into two camps. What are they?

– Well the first one is people whose bill haven’t really affected their pocket book so much but that’s gonna change. June 1st rates have gone up again so people who traditionally would have a bill that’s under $100, you know three or four years ago now they’re gonna start seeing bills $200, $300 or more, that’s the first camp. And the second one are people who are just confused by all of the messages out there. There’s so many marketing firms, what kind of contractor do we choose, what panels do we choose?

– It’s confusing and when you think about those two camps, so the first one is the people who haven’t really felt the sting but they are generally gonna feel the sting starting June 1st like you said.

– Right and the bills have crept up on ’em. If they start to look back and they see they used to have a $50 $75 bill and now it’s $200 or $300, then we’re getting phone calls from those people now.

– And it can be paralyzing when you’re thinking about everything out there and there are all these different terms that you need to know and what’s going on and so what about those people?

– Right, it is very confusing. So the consultants at SunPower by Milholland Electric, we’d like to educate people so we come out and we help you decide what is best for you, what type of panel do you need, how many, what type of financing is best for you, can you take the tax credit or not. So we really help to educate people.

– And that’s true, you help to educate them so it’s not just about okay, you need to go solar with us, it’s really about helping them with their own situation.

– Certainly is, we also take a look at equipment, do they have old A/C, old pool equipment that are costing them a lot of money, maybe we need to change some of those out to help with their energy bills also.

– Okay, now what’s the first step then? What can they do if they wanna make a change?

– Right, they can give us a call at SunPower by Milholland Electric and one of our consultants will come out for free and help evaluate their situation and help them decide what’s best for them.

– Okay and you also have an offer, 10% off up to $500 when you mention Approved Home Pros, thank you.

– Definitely.

– Take control of your energy costs from help from a solar company which cares, call Milholland for your free consultation at 619-320-7373 today.