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Warning Signs Of Plumbing Problems

Summertime with all the house guests and visitors can be taxing on your plumbing. Black Mountain Plumbing describes the warning signs and the most common plumbing problems you’re likely to see in your home.

Details About “Warning Signs Of Plumbing Problems”

Sean: Summertime, with all the house guests and visitors, can be taxing on your plumbing. That’s why Scott Ferrell’s here to help us with the warning signs of the most common plumbing problems. Scott, great to have you in today. You’re a plumbing expert, you’ve been with the network for a very long time. We’ve talked about some of the problems that people can face in plumbing. In preparation for this, one of them is stoppages and things that are backing up in your plumbing.

Scott: Yeah, people, especially people with 50 year-old houses, they’re gonna have some problems with their drains eventually. When they do, if your house is that old, please get a couple different estimates.

Sean: So people are facing a stoppage, are they gonna see that, likely if it’s a severe problem, in just one area, like one drain, or is it gonna be multiple?

Scott: Multiple sometimes, sometimes it’s the whole house. If you have water showing up in your shower, your bathroom, tub or something, you probably have a main line stoppage, would be my guess.

Sean: Now this is an area where people unfortunately get taken advantage of quite often, because people will come out and try and tell the consumer that they need a lot of work done. What’s some of the things that people might be told that are warning signs that they might be being sold more than they would need?

Scott: A warning sign for me usually is, “You need to replace the drains from your curb, through your house, to every fixture in your kitchen, and we’re gonna fix it for you for a monthly price.” That’s a warning sign, instead of, “Here’s a couple options for your problem.”

Sean: So if somebody calls a company out to be able to jet your drains or fix your drains, and they come out and they quickly try and tell you that you have a problem or stoppage all the way to the main sewer line, that’s gonna be a warning sign right away, that they do that very quickly, and it’s a huge problem that they report without a lot of investigation.

Scott: Well they’re gonna do it, because I think, this is just me, they can rationalize, it’s 50 years old, it’s old, we need to replace it all, and it’s gonna cost thousands and thousands of dollars. I want this job.

Sean: Do they often do that before they do the jetting portion, which is when you come down with a camera and a jet, and you kind of clear the lines, right? Should that be done first with a main stoppage?

Scott: Yeah, a lot of times if they get it clear, then they’ll run a camera down it before they jet it, and before they clean it. You’ll see  video of what looks horrific. If you can, have it cleared, have it cleaned with a jetter, and then have it camera-ed, and then assess what’s really going on.

Sean: When you come out, you want to do that, you’re gonna educate people about different options, and give them a variety of things that they can do, rather than just try and tell them, you have one problem, one solution, and try and sell them a big job.

Scott: Yeah, and on an old house especially, if you have a big problem, like it’s all bad, okay well, let’s fix what we need to fix. Then let them prepare for someday an eventual sewer pipe replacement, but that’s a big deal.

Sean: I think that’s important, because you’re giving them a variety of options and a variety of things to prepare for, rather than just trying to sell one big job. Thank you so much, Scott. Scott and Black Mountain Plumbing are available for you at ApprovedHomePros.com.