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Watch The Perseid Meteor Shower in San Diego

The annual Perseid Meteor Shower returns this week. What is it and how do you best watch the Perseid Meteor Shower in San Diego? Scientists are calling this year’s shower an “outburst,” which means there will be an unusually high number of meteors to see. Go ahead, put down the hammer and take a break from working on the house. You deserve it.

What is it?

Perseid is probably the most popular annual meteor shower, because with prime viewing, you may see hundreds of meteors per hour. The Perseid shower happens every August “when Earth ventures through trails of debris left behind by an ancient comet,” according to NASA. As the debris burns up Earth’s atmosphere, we will see beautiful streaks in the sky. If you are far enough to see stars from the city, you won’t need a telescope or other viewing device to enjoy the show.

Watch the perseid meteor shower in san diego

When to watch?

Peak viewing will be from August 9-13, but you’ll need to get out of the city to do it, thanks to a bright full moon on August 13 and light pollution from the city. Check out this incredible light pollution map to help plan your location.

Viewing tips

1. Give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness.
2. Don’t forget the caffeine: The peak time for viewing is in the middle of the night.
3. Cant get away from the city? You can stream the shower on your computer thanks to Nasa:

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