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What Is Design-Build?

Today I wanted to explain the differences between design-build and hiring an architect when remodeling your home. Design-build is when one firm handles everything including conceptual design, interior design, construction  plans, permit processing and project management. An architect typically only completes the construction documents. Then the homeowner hires an interior designer and interviews contractors to bid the work.

For multimillion dollar custom homes where there may be a lot of field changes and upgrades or on a cost plus basis, hiring an architect may be the right choice.  However, for most home remodeling projects, design-build simplifies the process, is usually more efficient, cost effective and a better value. The design-build firm handles everything under one contract, for a fixed price and stands behind their work. As long as the building plans and scope of work is clearly defined, so you are clear about what you are getting and the level of finishes with prices are identified, I highly recommend hiring a design-build company for your home remodeling.