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What Makes Premium Paint?

What Makes Premium Paint?

When shopping for interior paint for our homes, you will see a wide variance in the price per gallon.  Why is this and what makes premium paint?

Paint Ingredients

To put it in simple terms, a can of paint includes three ingredients:

a) pigment, which creates the color

b) resin, which is the glue that binds the pigment together and creates the layer of film on the wall

c) water or solvent, which is the carrier of the pigment and resin until it dries on your wall

Premium Paint

Premium paints, like Valspar Optimus that is sold at your neighborhood Ace Hardware store, will have a higher ratio of resin and pigment to water than lower grade paints.  This means that once the paint dries, you will have a thicker film of paint on the wall. Also, the type of resin used in premium paints differs from the lower-quality products. Generally a 100% acrylic, high-scrub vinyl or some combination is used in the top class of interior products.

Benefits of Premium Paint

Generally speaking, an interior premium paint product like Valspar’s Optimus will create a very washable or scrubbable film on your wall that will resist stains and last for many years, even with repeated washings. Premium paints usually have other “on-the-wall” performance advantages like better adhesion and hiding power, which means you will need fewer coats of paint to achieve optimal results.

Premium paints may also have additives that provide benefits like mildew resistance, better resistance to dirt and stains, minimal splatter during application and smooth and even application without showing roller or brush marks.

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