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Sunlight Solar is dedicated to using affordable energy solutions and the latest technology to provide their customers with the best service. Their certified team of professionals is ready to give outstanding service to each and every customer.

How Solar Works

Save Money

In San Diego, we enjoy plenty of sunlight year round. This makes purchasing solar panels for your home a wise investment. Solar panels make it possible to create your own energy instead of paying the power company. Because you are not reliant on the power company for electricity and subject to their rates, you’ll save money!

Take Control

Installing solar panels on your home with Sunlight Solar allows you to take control of your power bill. Their energy consultants will help devise a solar system specific to your energy needs. You will no longer be forced to pay whatever the power company dictates.


Go Green

Lowering your impact on the environment is a wonderful reason to install solar panels on your home. Renewable energy, like solar panels, makes it possible to generate your own clean power without harming the planet.


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