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Woman RelaxingYour Conscious Cleaners offers holistic house cleaning for San Diego with a variety of services to keep your home clean and healthy. Their holistic cleaning methods and eco-friendly products set them apart from other house cleaners. Your Conscious Cleaners completes a full background check before hiring team members, and are licensed, bonded and insured. Rachael Lizzet, owner and founder of YCC, believes in the importance of energy work, sustainability and health. Because of this, she has set high standards for her one-of-a-kind luxury detailing company. If you’re looking for house cleaning that puts your family’s health and the environment first, Your Conscious Cleaners is the right choice!

Luxury Detailing

At Your Conscious Cleaners, the staff is trained to provide detailed cleaning with plant based products. They provide a service that is designed specifically to provide more than your average cleaning company, and stand behind their offerings with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.Kids and pets

Holistic Space Cleaning

Your Conscious Cleaners has developed a one-of-a-kind technique called The YCC Five Element Cleanse. This cleanse focuses on bringing in positivity and light into your home through use of the elements. They not only clean your home thoroughly, they provide a holistic cleaning that is a physical, emotional and mental detox for your home.Cleaning products

Eco-Friendly Products

Using natural and safe products to clean your home is an essential part of Your Conscious Cleaners. They use plant based products that are created with locally sourced ingredients. These products work powerfully to disinfect and sanitize your home. Each of their products is infused with loving energy and are created with conscientious intentions, positive vibrations and special chosen crystals.

unrecognizable woman meditating at sunset on the beach in the Caribbean

Conscious Lifestyle

The YCC team is trained to raise the vibration of your home by promising and practicing daily mindfulness. They engage in yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Chi Gong and other healing art forms in order to achieve this daily mindfulness. This lifestyle allows them to bring light and positivity into your home.

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