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4 Area Showroom Locations:, El Cajon, San Diego, San Marcos and South Bay


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Furniture Shopping in San Diego

There are countless places in San Diego to shop for furniture. When investing in new pieces for your home, be sure to shop smart; avoid high pressure sales and stores that don’t stand behind the products they sell. You w ant to deal with knowledgeable sales associates, not ones who will push you into furniture you don’t quite want or can’t afford just to make a sale. Look for warranties and financing options on bigger ticket items. If a store has confidence in its pieces, you’ll be able to tell.


Finding The Right Mattress »

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 ON ABC 10 San Diego Comfort: Finding the perfect mattress is important, because we all want to be excited to get into bed after a long day's work. Sleep Mor Mattress has endless options available and can help you find the mattress that works best for you.

Get Better Sleep with Help From Mor Furniture For Less on The Home Pro Show »

<<< MONDAY, AUG. 11, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Everyone deserves a good night of sleep. Learn the types of mattresses available and how to pick the perfect mattress for your needs.

Go Beneath the Surface of Your Furniture »

<<< FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Price point isn't always a great indicator of quality, or a great value, so Mor Furniture for Less explains how to spot well-constructed pieces of furniture by using couches and drawer boxes as examples. Watch now to learn what you should be looking for and asking while shopping.

Have Peace Of Mind When Shopping For Furniture »

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2018 ON ABC 10 With so many stores to choose from and prices changing from sale to sale, how can you shop for furniture with confidence? Mor Furniture For Less checks in with Lynda Martin and explains how they set themselves apart by striving to give their customers the best value at the lowest price. 

How to Shop For Mattresses with Mor Furniture for Less »

<<< FRIDAY, OCT. 2, 2015 on SAN DIEGO 6 TV >>> Learn how to shop for mattresses the right way with Mor Furntirure For Less. At Sleep Mor, inside each Mor Furniture for Less, Josh Tomlinson walks us through what to look for to find the right mattress to get your best sleep.