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Gardening in San Diego

While great weather is a major draw for San Diego as a destination, the weather throughout the county can fluctuate enough to make a difference while gardening. When starting a garden or home nursery, learn about your specific microclimate and acquaint yourself with plants and edibles that will thrive in your conditions.

Gardening Tips

  • Watch for birds or other harmful pests and treat your garden accordingly.
  • Low-flow irrigation can bet set on a timer to regularly water plants with little water waste.
  • Fertilize plants regularly to keep the soil healthy and keep your plants looking green throughout the whole year.
  • Research the ripening size on edible plants in your garden. Not all crops are going to grow to maximum size, and you don’t want to miss out on the fruits of your labor.
  • Cacti are not the only drought tolerant plant option available. Many plants available in San Diego are drought tolerant and require little maintenance.


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