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Cantor’s Corner: Why You Should Choose Custom Shower Enclosures

Cantor’s Corner: Why You Should Choose Custom Shower Enclosures »

This week on Remodeling 101 during The Approved Home Pro Show, I explained the importance of installing a custom shower enclosure in your bathroom remodel instead of one purchased at a big box store, where they are one-size-fits-all. Your home and lifestyle are unique, and your home should reflect your specific needs.

Custom Glass Shower Enclosures »

<<< FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> We visit a Best Value Glass job site to see how custom glass shower enclosures can bring a bathroom new life.

Custom Shower Enclosures from Best Value Glass »

<<< FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2015 on CHANNEL 6 TV >>> Take a tour of the Best Value Glass showroom as BVG President Steve Welsh walks us through options for custom shower enclosures from framed to frameless glass, and everything in between.

Glass Shower Enclosures from Best Value Glass »

<<< FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Glass shower enclosures can class up any bathroom, and the options are nearly endless. From custom glass etching like the Chargers logo we had in studio to clear glass doors, you deserve to shower in style.

San Diego Glass: Custom Glass Options »

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 ON ABC 10 San Diego Glass: Best Value Glass explains the wide variety of custom glass options available. Create an impact in your home with anything from a shower door to a custom divider.