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For all of your glass needs ranging from glass repair or glass replacement to custom, patterned glass or tabletops for your home, the experts in our network have you covered. Full service glass shops found on our site will offer wide selections of stunning custom shower enclosures, patio doors, windows, mirrors and glass railings with the professional installation experience to match. They can even fabricate and install custom glass for tabletops, shelves, cabinets and mirrors, to completely transform your home. Bring your kitchen to life with custom glass cabinetry, personalize your personal oasis with a custom shower enclosure or set your home apart with your dream glass railing. When you work with an approved pro, you know that their work is guaranteed. Our locally-vetted experts live and work neighborhoods just like yours, so you can trust that you’re working with some of the best in glass companies and glass repair professionals that San Diego has to offer.

Enhance Your Home with Custom Glass Work

High quality, custom glass work can enhance almost every room in your home: from the master bath to the guest bedroom, from the staircase to the kitchen. Glass comes in a great variety of textures and patterns, and can be used to completely transform, expand, soften, or add character to any space. Glass is an incredibly versatile upgrade to any home. Custom glass shower enclosures showcase your bathroom’s tile work and play up the aesthetic of the space.

Custom Glass in the Kitchen

If you’re looking to bring a certain level of luxury to your San Diego kitchen, consider working with a glass company to incorporate custom glasswork into your cabinetry. Glass-front cabinets, available in a variety of glass options from clear and frosted to reeded and stained , provide a touch of personalization to the heart of the home. Consider them windows into your lifestyle. Showcase your kitchen with clear glass, a clean style that gives a straight view into your cabinetry. Frosted glass stuns in contemporary and modern kitchens, which gives a sandblasted effect with a sneak peek into your cabinetry. Reeded glass, with its shutter-like appearance, gives a similar effect to frosted glass and wows in both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Stained glass, with streaks of golds, blues, reds, and greens can stun in modern kitchens. Custom glasswork in your home’s kitchen cabinetry showcases your kitchen and can provide a unique level of personalization.

Custom Glass in the Bathroom

While glass is an incredibly versatile upgrade to any home, one of the most popular uses is for custom glass shower enclosures and custom mirrors. Your home’s style and needs are unique, and by working with one of our locally-owned, approved glass companies, you’re guaranteeing that you get an experience all your own. Work with a guaranteed expert to explore your options for custom shower enclosures. High-quality, well-fitted pieces can transform your space, showcase your tilework, and take your shower from functional to stunning. Glass shower enclosures can be created using several different types of glass with a wide variety of colors and patterns to customize your look. Clear glass, a standard, traditional look that is most commonly used in shower doors, is an easy choice, and is even easier to maintain. Frosted glass, satin like in appearance and slightly opaque, adds privacy and mystique.

Add functionality, sparkle, shine and depth to your bathroom with a custom mirror. For homeowners with smaller bathrooms, a custom mirror fit to perfection will make the space feel bigger, brighter and luxurious. Consider the classic and popular custom round mirror to soften the space or explore custom minimalist mirror designs for more contemporary and modern bathrooms. The right mirror is the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom.

Custom Glass Railings

Many homeowners consider custom glass stair case railings to be a ‘dream’ upgrade. While glass railings look incredibly luxurious and expensive, they don’t have to break the bank. A versatile and highly customized addition to your home’s deck, patio, stair case or even balcony,  custom glass railings won’t block your view and can give your home a more modern, upgraded aesthetic. Choosing the right glass railing system for your home is crucial in order to ensure it is a safe, durable, and code tested upgrade. Work with a glass company you can trust to guarantee your custom work is the perfect fit for your home.

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