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Paint Tips From Pro San Diego Painters

  • Pure white does not cover well and often needs many coats. Choose a shade like Navajo White. It will appear pure white to the eye, but will cover much better.
  • How much paint do you need? A professional painter will help you estimate correctly, but a good rule of thumb is one gallon for every 400 square feet.
  • Use accent colors to make your walls more interesting. One color throughout is fine, but you can change moods for rooms by changing the colors and using accent walls in bolder colors.
  • To help pick colors, you can purchase small cans of paint and paint small wall sections. Then you can live with the color, see it in different light as your home goes from day to night.

How to Hire a Painter in San Diego

If you are looking to hire a painter / painting contractor for your home, please do yourself a huge favor and find a professional, quality company. There are many companies in San Diego that call themselves house painters, but are little more that unexperienced people with paint and a truck. At The Home Pro Show, we evaluate painting contractors around San Diego County to find you the best in the city.

How to Hire a Professional

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